The Top 5 Reasons to Choose New Chairdo!

1. Our Chair Covers are the most affordable in the Greater Toledo area. At only $2.00 per chair you can put chair covers back in to your wedding budget. With just $2.00 per chair, you get the chair cover, the sash, and the set up! That’s right! All for only $2.00 per chair. You have the option to do multiple color options for the sash, as long as it is only one sash per chair. If you would like to do more than one sash per chair it is only $0.75 per additional sash per chair cover. We also discount our price if you would like to do the set up and drop off yourself.

2. Our Chair Covers are clean and stain free. We thoroughly clean our products after every use to ensure the highest quality. You don’t want to have germs carried over from another event to yours. Neither do we. Stains are an eye sore. We ensure that our chair covers are stain free.

3. You can choose to just rent the Sash if you like. If your chairs are clean and elegant already, you may not need to put a chair cover on it. We encourage you to still consider adding a sash to your chairs for that extra bit of decorations. For only $0.75 per chair you can rent our sashes and make that extra impression to your guests.

4. Our staff is friendly and reliable! We put a lot of focus into our client relations and customer service. Proper communication is key to ensuring everything goes smooth. We want you to be able to trust in our company to fulfill your expectations. With us, you can call, text, email, add us on facebook, fax, or tie a note to a pigeon… Whatever the easiest form of communication is for you, we are open to it.

5. “There’s Nothing Worse Than a Bad Chair Day” Give your event a New Chairdo!

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