Renting Chair Covers Versus Buying Chair Covers

It’s a fact: chair covers and sashes COMPLETELY transform any room, no matter what it looks like.

2012-09-28 13.25.17

Have you been told it’s more cost effective to buy them yourself and then sell them afterwards?

Think Again! With our chair cover prices, it costs LESS to rent from than it does to purchase them yourself. Even after wasting your money purchasing your stock, you still have to pay for shipment, make sure you order the stock in advance so you have the product in time for your event, AND you still have to take the time to put them on yourself and tie all the bows.

Why not just save the money by renting them from us, and in the price INCLUDES the set-up!

If you purchase the stock, it will get shipped with MAJOR creases in the material, who wants to see that?

So you can either wash and press everything yourself, which takes a looong time, or you can rent from us. We guarantee every product is washed and pressed between each use!

Also, if you find a site online to purchase from that you think might have the color you are looking for, you might receive your stock and realize the color on your computer screen is completely different than what the color looks like in person.

If you rent from us, we have OVER 85 different sash colors available and you can see the color IN person and able to compare swatches before you book!

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