How We Can Match Your Sash Colors For You

One of our most common questions we are asked is: How are you able to match my colors? So this is How we can match your sash colors for you!

Of course, by now you know our chair covers are only $2.50 and include the sash and the set up. Or you can rent the sash only for just $0.75 per chair.

There are several ways we can match your colors. It all depends on which works best for you.

1. Your Dress Shop

We can contact your dress shop and match our colors perfectly to your bridesmaids Dresses. Or you can ask them for a “Swatch” and we can match that color perfectly.

2. Your Catering Company

If you are having your caterer provide colorful linens for your tables and napkins, we can contact them and match our colors to the table color scheme. Or you can ask them for a napkin and we can meet with you to match that color perfectly.

No matter what, we confirm your color options with you. We have more than 100 different color options for the chair cover sash and even tho some shades may seem similar, we don’t want to just assume the color will match. You get to decide what your sash color will be.

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Make sure you visit our Chair Cover Page for more information on how to book your Chair Covers for your special event.

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