You Don’t Want To Sit On That, Cover It Up!

You Don’t Want To Sit On That, Cover It Up!

Q: How often have you gone to a wedding reception or any other dining event and someone spills something on their chair, or children make a mess on them?
A: All too Often

Q: How often do you think chairs actually get cleaned at most facilities?
A: Not very Often, if Ever.

different chairs

When you are planning your next event remember…
You don’t want to sit on that, Cover it Up.

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Our Chair Covers are only $2 and included: Sash, Set Up, Pick Up, and Color Matching with our over 85 different colors.

All of our chair covers and sashes are cleaned after every use in order to maintain cleanliness and for sanitary purposes. There are many germs that are spread around when you have large groups of people gathered together for a celebration. Many times the chairs go overlooked to be cleaned afterwards.


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